Be Kind


In a world where you can be anything, Be Kind. – Anonymous

Photographing events is always entertaining. If you truly pay attention to the goings on around you, you notice characters playing their parts. The host that’s stressed out, the husband of the host trying to stay away from his frantic wife, kids getting into things they shouldn’t. Open your eyes – or your lens – and you see all types of characters playing into their own story all coming together for one event.


I photographed an event called Hopefest 2017 this weekend. It was an event put on entirely by volunteers: the event workers, worship band, caterers. All the food was donated. It’s amazing to see a community of people come together to worship in one space.



I’m not a Christian. But – I recognize the beauty of so many souls coming together to generate positivity and bless one another with their positive spirits. Praying and loving on one another are both great in my book – regardless of the “who” is you pray to.


The band that played was truly amazing and I got some great shots of the genuine emotion they displayed while performing and worshipping their God.


My favorite parts of the event all included the kids. They explored the property, they swung on the swings, they got into things they shouldn’t be getting into…but they stayed out of Mom and Dad’s hair while they worshipped in the pavilion.


The event turned out so wonderful! I walked away with a grand positivity that sometimes you only receive after going – who knew – to church.


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