“Would I rather be feared or loved?”


“Would I rather be feared or loved? …Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” – Michael Scott  – The Office

When I first moved to Charlotte, I started looking for a social outlet. I joined a kickball league, wasn’t a fan. I’m not the most…athletic. Luckily, interacting with animals doesn’t require athleticism. When kickball didn’t work out, I got in touch with several rescues in the area offering photography services. I ended up getting involved with Halfway There Rescue, a pet rescue organization that saves animals from over-crowded shelters and dangerous situations.

I usually run adoption events on the weekends but this week I was asked to do a newborn shoot with these beautiful blue pittie puppies.


This litter of 10 came to us with their Mama two weeks ago from Union County, Mama Meredith was an owner surrender and gave birth in the shelter shortly after being surrendered. Mama Meredith was confused by my shutter clicks but was very patient with us as we handled her two week old pups.


One of our star foster moms had a stroke of genius and named the whole litter after The Office characters and themes. Here they are, the Dunder Mifflin crew!

During the shoot, Voodoo Mama Juju was the first to open her sweet little eyes! She’s the runt, but she was the first to see the world!

This was one of my favorite shoots. We had to get creative when swaddling the squirmy wormy puppies but once swaddled and laid down, each one quickly fell back asleep. Couldn’t help but hold them like babies. Here I am soaking in the sweetness!


It was the perfect way to kick off the long weekend. Happy Easter weekend to all!




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