“Spring is when…”


“…life is alive in everything.”

Life was abounding at the farm this Spring. Babies were everywhere. If I’m remembering correctly, 2 baby sheep, 6 baby goats, and 3 puppies.

I’m telling you, babies everywhere! I was lucky enough to actually witness this sweet pea being born the day I was there. It’s always an amazing experience to watch life begin in this world!


Despite wobbly legs, he made his way into our world and refused to relax! He was born to take on the world – almost immediately the wild child among all the female goats born earlier that week.


Sadie was in labor from 10:00pm to 4:00am and gave birth to three Great Pyr puppies! I think these babies were about a month old here. Two girls and a boy, the boy (also the runt) was a big love bug and just wanted to be held like a baby!


To add to the bunch, two Cotswold sheep! Their wool is long and curly and the babies have tight curly wool at first. They follow their mama everywhere.


Couldn’t help but add my beautiful mother in the mix, she’s a mama to me and my two sisters as well as Hope, the kitten she saved last year.

Happy Spring!


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