“Dancers are the athletes of God.”


“Dancers are the athletes of God.” – Albert Einstein

Some friends come and go. Then there are friends that you know your entire life and regardless of time spent apart you pick up right where you left off when together. I’ve been blessed with many life-long friends, Gelsey is one of them.


“What kind of name is Gelsey?!” The most common question I get when mentioning this gorgeous gal. Growing up, Gelsey was always a dancer. Her mom was a dancer. My Gelsey was named after famous ballerina, Gelsey Kirkland. I danced with Gelsey when we were younger and I’ve always watched her dance as we got older.



She has a special quality about her when she dances, when she moves. It’s effortless. In college, Gelsey took up hooping, a form of festival dancing involving hula hoops. We lived together for a year and she would blast music from her bedroom window into the backyard where she hooped. I would go sit at the picnic table in the backyard on summer nights in Tallahassee and once again, watch her dance.


On cold nights, she would hoop in our dining room. Kevin, our other roommate, and I would walk past her and the flying hoops and just hope we didn’t get hit. Sometimes she’d slip up and a hoop would go flying across the living room. We would barely escape with our lives, but we’d laugh and carry on.


While visiting Tallahassee this weekend, Gelsey asked me to take some shots of her hooping down by Lichgate, a park where the largest tree in Tallahassee grows. This beauty and her hoops glistened in the sun and we spent the day dancing, eating vegan food, and talking about old times. I can’t wait to visit Tallahassee again and as always, pick up where we left off!


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