“There is no such thing…


“…as an ordinary cat.”

The farm cats that call New Beginnings Farms home started out feral and have learned to love the humans who work around them. There are five: Mara, Timmy, Emmy, Hope, and their mama, Mischa.


Timmy is the only boy of the bunch and his markings are the sweetest. He reminds me of an old gentleman sporting a mustache and top hat. He loved the camera and was interested in the strange device pointed in his direction. Timmy took every opportunity to shyly pat the camera with his tiny paw, expecting a response from the machine.


His sister, Mara, was also quite friendly and sat in the red, rusty wagon filled with fake Christmas presents and a small Christmas tree.


This is Hope. She’s the needy one of the bunch, but rightly so. Mischa abandoned her when she was only two weeks old. She was the runt, but we don’t know why she was abandoned. My mom found her all alone and bottle-fed her until she was up and running with her brothers and sisters again!

DSC_0002 copy

Mara and Timmy share a special bond. You can tell they gravitate towards one another and hang out mostly together.

DSC_0025.1 copy

This is Hope “supervising” the chickens…


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