“Take time…”


“…to chase the snow flakes”

This is Percy. Percy is a not-afraid-of-anything 3 year old tabby cat with long legs.


Snow falls rarely in Charlotte. Maybe, if we’re lucky, once a year. We got two snowfalls this winter and being from Florida, Percy was excited to experience snow for the first time.


As the bravest of my squad, Percy was elated when I allowed him to run outside to play in the white stuff that fell from the sky all night. He watched, with my two other babes, from the window sill above my bed as cold, creamy snowflakes fell throughout the night and early morning.


Percy has the longest legs I’ve ever seen on a cat. He didn’t know what to make of the cold, tingly ground but boy, did he run around the yard and not skip a beat.


Eventually, he took the opportunity to adventure atop the shed and lookout at the white blanketed neighborhood.


Funny how you don’t notice the simple nature around you until it takes a different form. The bushes around my house were covered in ice, which started to melt, and it was a perfect moment of nature transitioning into a different form.



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