“What feels like the end…”


“…is often the beginning.”

I had the greatest pleasure of taking Hannah’s high school senior pictures this weekend.


Hannah, who lives at New Beginnings Farms in Rutherfordton, NC, is entering a new chapter of her life and closing the book on another: High School. Living in a quiet mountain town near Lake Lure and Chimney Rock, Hannah is excited to start at Isothermal Community College and stretch her comfort zone a little bit.

Hannah has her very first boyfriend. She has her first job waitressing at a small diner uniquely attached to a gas station called The Mason Jar. She owns 5 dresses, whereas a year ago she only had one, and it was a rarity to see her wear it.  I know these things because I was awarded the greatest opportunity in the world: to be her sister.


Hannah’s beautiful, soft curls blew along with the light breeze. The confidence in her was apparent, the confidence a girl who will soon enter adulthood experiences. It’s her against the world; bring on the obstacles, let her barrel through them and come out the victor.


New Beginnings Farm provided a rustic landscape for Hannah’s senior pictures. She was comfortable being home, less comfortable being in front of the camera. We reminisced about old times and she was laughing in no time. Undoubtedly due to the stories I told about our young parents messing up countless times in the raising of three girls – we turned out okay.


Hannah and Brutus – featuring Brutus’ tongue

The Historic Farm houses many animals, including sheep, cows, goats, chickens, 5 cats, and two massive Great Pyrenees who guard the property.

What a beautiful day, with beautiful company.


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